The magic of early development blossoms

Children are Thriving at One Early Education Group

Wouldn’t it be great to know your little one is receiving the best physical, emotional and cognitive support for their development?

After opening our doors only 9 weeks ago, One Early Learning Centre is already operating well above expectations. Feedback from the local community has been wonderful! Many parents have commented that the level of quality delivered provides children with the perfect environment to thrive in.

The entrance to our centres feels more like a day spa than a Childcare Centre. After a short tour you will see, we are on our way to becoming one of the most highly regarded Early Learning Centres in the country!

A thriving child is happy and engaged by their surroundings.

Our newly built Cranbourne East facility has seven state of the art childcare rooms, with three separate outdoor play areas – each with their very own veggie garden! This creates the perfect setting for your child to learn through play, whist feeling safe and supported.

Thriving at One Early Education Group means to grow and develop.

Neuroscientific research tells us that a child’s brain is 95% developed by five years old. We believe that security is an absolute requirement for optimal brain development. Once your child feels comfortable and secure, they can use their energy to develop new skills and better understand their sensory world.

Three essential elements to your child’s progress are stable, responsive and nurturing caregiving.

In the past six weeks, we have received over 200 applications from educators for the Cranbourne early learning centre! All our staff are qualified, caring and respectful. They are specifically trained to pay special attention to your child’s individual needs and teach sustainable practices. This is what makes us one of the highest quality Early Learning Centres in the country!

Every educator is committed to maintaining best practice through ongoing staff training and mentoring. Delivering the highest quality child care is our number one priority.

We employ people who are passionate and looking for a career, not just a job in the Early Learning sector.

This week we have just released our Autumn Seasonal Menu with a range of yummy home style meals! We know that nutrition is vital to early development. Research shows that a lack of proper nourishment not only leads to disease and disorders, but prevents optimal physical and mental development.

A child’s brain grows faster in the first few years, then it will for the rest of their life.

Our entire philosophy is designed to ensure your child thrives in a safe, enriching atmosphere. We do this through learning about your child’s specific requirements and what makes them so unique.

Our team is committed to providing an environment that children love to be in! Our welcome process helps children and their families feel as comfortable as possible while settling into the service.

Our play areas are designed to feel like a home away from home, supporting the process of lifelong learning. Interacting through play helps children improve their physical, emotional and cognitive skills.

With an emphasis on quality, everything about our custom designed facilities, qualified educators and enrichments programs have been carefully crafted to form the perfect environment for your child to thrive.

One Early Learning Group provides children with the best possible start in life.