One Toddler Curriculum

Kindergarten Curriculum

2 - 3 years

The amazing toddler years. With independence emerging we marry our empathy and intuitive understanding of children with a deep knowledge of how they develop.

While an important age for emotional development, this curious and lively group of children are also keen to take on challenges and develop their physical ability.

Feelings, thinking, talking, moving and everyday skills such as toilet training and independence at meal times, our educators are in tune with your child’s needs. Every creative gesture providing a possible new learning territory that can be picked up and explored.

What to bring:

  • Drink bottle / water bottle
  • Any comforters (dummy, cuddly toy, blanket)
  • Spare clothes
  • Sun hat / winter hat

Please ensure all belongings are clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Brain Development in the Early Years

Brain Development Program

Every shared game promotes rich social learning, and play, especially during the toddler years, encourages your child to take turns, cooperate and share. Our role is to open up opportunities for both unstructured and structured play, seeking to mix the power of their imaginations with the contents of the real world.

One Toddler Curriculum

Toddler time is an exciting time and our enrichment programs offer creative expression of thoughts and feelings, along with physical challenges, relaxation and interaction with the natural environment.

Art and Music

Participation in singing and finger puppets; exploring different art mediums including set up of provocations; listening, swaying and moving to music; enjoying colours and mixing; playing instruments; using dramatic play and group play.


Learning to still the mind focusing on sounds, breathing, squishing and squeezing muscles, smell and touch.


Mastering walking, climbing and jumping; moving around obstacles; pouring own drinks and self-feeding; and kicking or throwing a ball.

Find out more

If you want to find out more please book a tour to see our child care centre, if you’re ready to enrol your child please visit out enrolments page for more details.