Brain development in children

Opening up a world of curiosity and discovery.

One has created an extraordinary environment where children can thrive in their daily interactions, while creating an imprint in their very being that will serve them positively in the future. While our curriculum is guided by the Australian Early Years Learning Framework, our approach is unique. We know that by being totally in-sync with the whole child – physical, emotional, intellectual and social, we are able to frame an experience for each child in our care with an absolute feel for the moment.


The Early Years Learning Framework provides a powerful and positive baseline. Its principles, practices and learning outcomes support and enhance young children’s learning from birth to five years, as well as their transition to school.

One’s essence reflects the framework’s fundamental view of children’s lives being characterised by belonging, being and becoming, we have embedded this thinking into our practices and how we frame each child’s experience with us.

We believe that each child’s experience is simply a natural extension of who they are while establishing strong foundations for wellbeing.


Our enrichment programs have been designed to truly shape the quality of your child’s experience at One.

Opening up a world of curiosity & discovery through thoughtfully directed and natural art, mindfulness, sport and science play creates an enriching mosaic of learning opportunities.

Brain Development in the Early Years

Brain Development Program

We support your child through this critical and exciting stage of their life in deliberate ways that coincide with their development. We will add to the richness of these early years through social interaction, curiosity stimulation, structured and free-form learning adventures through both play and programmed activities for them to truly thrive.

The One Curriculum

One is an environment for your children to truly thrive.

Infant at One Learn

One Infant

6 weeks - 2 months

Toddler at One Learn

One Toddler

2 - 3 years

Pre-Kinder at Child Care

One Pre-Kinder

3 - 5 Years

Kinder at One Learn

One Kinder

3 - 4 years & 4 -5 years

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