One Early Education Clyde North - Childcare Centre

One Early Education Clyde North opened in February 2020, we are located on 20 Alphey Rd, Clyde North

Our Clyde North centre offers:

  • Enrichment Programs (Sports, Mindfulness and Arts/Music)
  • Exclusive Brain Development Program
  • Nutritious Seasonal Menu – developed by a leading Australian Nutritionist
  • Well-Designed Educational Play Spaces
  • Safe & Positive Environments
  • Fantastic Team Culture

The centre has 7 rooms ranging from Infant 6 weeks to Kinder 5 years.

The Centre

One Early Education Clyde North is a state-of-the-art, education based, purpose-built facility with an abundance of natural light and wonderful play spaces that allows the delivery of high quality education to children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age.

The centre has 7 different, well-designed and spacious rooms and wonderful outdoor play areas.

Our Clyde North centre provides high quality education, nappies and incredibly nutritious seasonal food. The centre comprises of rooms with natural light, 2 climbing forts, slide, fireman’s pole, climbing wall, bamboo forests, wobble bridge, water pump, balance rocks, balance wooden planks, large play areas, sand pits, veggie gardens, other outdoor activities that promote gross motor skill development, high quality resources, a restaurant area/multipurpose room and incredibly dedicated educators.

The Curriculum

Our unique One curriculum specifically and intentionally focuses on enriching the lives of every single child that walks through the doors.

With a child’s brain almost fully developed by the age of 5, we utilise a myriad education programs to help give them the best opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our Educators

We are grateful so many of the very best educators within the sector choose ONE Early Education. We feel, amongst other reasons, it is the safe and positive environment at ONE that attracts the finest educators. Our endless Personal Development workshops and our ONE Leadership Academy are just some of the reasons ONE is a sought after company within the educational sector.

Our educators are diligently screened through a rigorous hiring processes by our executive team. Only the most dedicated educators are selected. We routinely have a substantial over subscription for the various roles that are available from time to time. We as a company value the immense contribution educators make to the development of the children within our education and care.

We’re enormously proud of the team we’ve established and pride ourselves on the culture we have created at One Early Education. Our positive team culture transfers directly into an uplifting environment for all the children to thrive.


One Early Education
Clyde North

Address:20 Alphey Road, Clyde North VIC 3978

Phone: (03) 8751 8034

Email: director.clydenorth@onelearn.com.au

Open:Monday to Friday from 6:30am – 6:30pm